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Tonight social media posts have been filled with rain.  It is (or was) raining in Anaheim, California, a few hours to the south of us.  And my cousin in Chatsworth, California, just a couple of hours to the south of us, had a wonderful downpour.  Up in the mountains, Tehachapi, to the south/east of us, had rain, too.

The thunder clouds rolled in here about 4:00 p.m., and the sky got darker and heavier.  It started smelling like it does in Arizona just before it rains.  Guests at dinner reported rain in Tulare, ten miles or so down the road, and in Porterville, twenty miles to the southeast.  It was raining in Exeter to the east of us, and streets were flooding in Farmersville about five miles away.  To add insult to injury, a friend who lives about a mile from us reported raindrops hitting her swimming pool.  And rain was reported in Fresno to the north, as well.

We have no rain.  The air is still sultry at nearly midnight, but our ground is completely dry.  What’s up, Mother Nature?  Have you abandoned Visalia on purpose, or just been too busy in all the surrounding areas.  We need you.  Now.