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I walked away from my Jeep for the last time today.  Even though from the outside it just appears to have a little damage, they tell me the whole front end is crushed underneath.  The insurance company has declared it totaled, and all that is left is determining the payoff.

This is the first car I have ever had that I wasn’t sad to let go of…just relieved.  Relieved that it was totaled, that they weren’t going to patch it back together.  Relieved I wasn’t more seriously injured.  Relieved that I have good insurance coverage.

The body shop guy who helped me clear out my things asked if I was sure I was all right.  “You took a really hard hit, you know,” he said.  Yes, I know.  I know how scared I was, and how after my Jeep stopped moving I just sat and shook from the pain of whacking my head on the window…that and the adrenaline rush.  I know that I’m still sore, and that working was harder today than I expected.  I also know that I was incredibly lucky and it could have been so much worse.

Goodbye, my Jeep.  jeep