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There comes that moment when your boss looks at you and says, “You’re crafty!” and you know you should probably run away, but that is not an option.  Then you are handed a to-go bucket for soup and asked to decorate it to hold the tickets in a contest.  Of course, being a good employee, and at least a moderately crafty person, you rise to the challenge and take said bucket home with you.

Then you sit and think.  You get out your scrapbooking supplies and tools, dragging them all over the  kitchen table.  Then you do anything BUT decorate the bucket for the next 36 hours or so.

Finally you are out of time.  You have two hours to deliver said bucket, pleasantly decorated, so you have to stop thinking and DO SOMETHING!

The initial plan was for the bucket to be covered with wine-colored card stock, which I would then embellish with stars and other bling.  As the bucket sides tapered towards the bottom, this plan proved unfeasible.
I stumbled upon the Shimmer Trim in my Medium Organizer.  I realized that my Shimmer Trim was in proper wine colors:  gold, red, purple, and bronze, and that the flexibility and “stickiness” was just what I needed to cover the sloping sides of the bucket.  (To buy any of these products, visit my Online Business Address.)  After developing a pleasing horizontal striped pattern, I decided to follow the same plan for the bucket lid (first cutting a slice out of the center to put the tickets through).
When the bucket and lid were covered, I punched a tag from a scrap of Whimsy Paper Fundamentals using my old Creative Memories tag punch.  I wrote “tickets” on one side of the tag, and “wine flights” on the other, then tied the tag to the bucket using the Thistle Diagonal Striped Twill, and it was done!

My completed ticket bucket, using Shimmer Trim compliments of Close To My Heart.

My completed ticket bucket, using Shimmer Trim compliments of Close To My Heart.

I am happy to report that my boss LOVED the completed basket, especially when I explained that I can remove the current tag and change it whenever her contest changes.