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These days it seems to be chic to bemoan and bewail the use of social media, especially Facebook.  Detractors say it is too negative, too strident, and too drama-filled.  And for some, perhaps, it is.

But I love Facebook!  I love it for the connections I make with family, friends, and friends-of-friends.  I am encouraged by the memes of hope and joy, the beautiful gardens and fabulous foods.  The news stories are often horrifying, certainly, but for each horrible story I can read countless tales of courage and kindness.

This afternoon I started moving the already downloaded photographs (from my phone) into folders by month and year.  It may take me forever to finish, but I am determined to get them uploaded and printed so that I can scrapbook them.  That won’t happen until I know where they are.

While taking a little break, I wandered over to my sister’s Facebook page to grab a few pictures from her last visit.  Of course, I ended up looking at every single photograph in her albums.  It does my heart good to see her with Daddy and know they were only three hours away.

Right now I am following (and encouraging) the Facebook adventures of a friend who has moved to New Mexico for a total change of scene, and appears to be thriving!  I’m also watching as another friend moves her small business from craft sales to a growing on-line store, and another whose elderly mother is healing from surgery.  I love being able to add encouraging notes to their posts and pray for them along their journeys.

And perhaps the best bonus is being able to “meet” the children and spouses of my generation of cousins.  It is a delight to watch their schooling, their career choices, and still be here online for backup.

Sweet dreams.