Well, AnnMarie over at anntogether.com asked the $64,000 question in her comment to Friday’s posting (So Close).  She wants to know whether I might become “step obsessed” thanks to my new gadget.

AnnMarie is one of my favorite imaginary friends (I know her through our blogs), and she knows me quite well, I think.  Because I am definitely becoming step obsessed.  And that 10,000 step goal keeps tantalizingly beyond my reach.  Tonight when I got home from work and grocery shopping, my Fitbit read 9,0001 steps.  Aarrgh!  It wasn’t horribly late so I decided to go for a walk and close out the day by hitting 10,000.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I ran into a neighbor who had been ill and stopped to visit with her on the driveway, using up most of my walking time.  I ended up only going half-way round the neighborhood path, ticking off dogs all around, and had to give up short of my goal.

So I ended up at 9,610 steps, the equivalent of 4.26 miles walked, and 1,907 calories burned.  Not bad, but not what I wanted.  I will hit this tomorrow come hell or high water…even if I have to walk around the neighborhood a couple of times before going to work!

Check this space for further updates.  Sweet dreams.