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Today was a good day!  The insurance payment from my wreck two weeks ago hit my bank account (automatic deposit — no more waiting for the check to arrive) and we found a potential replacement car on Craigslist (more about that tomorrow).

The temperature only hit a balmy 93 degrees, after last week’s 106, and tomorrow will be another mild day.  I started the morning with a lovely walk while everyone else was sleeping, causing my old best neighbor to ask if I needed a ride somewhere when I went walking past her house.

And work was busy enough for the time to pass nicely, with friendly, cooperative guests who were happy with their tables and their food.

Now it is time for ice cream, and for NOT obsessing about the fact that I came up about 500 steps short of 10,000 AGAIN!  Tomorrow is a non-work day, so I will need to concentrate on doing more than sitting at the computer all day long.  I may sneak out again early in the morning and go a bit farther than today.

We shall see.  Sweet dreams.