It seems like just yesterday when summer vacation began, and now we are a week away from the first day of school.  Lily will be a fourth grader, and Olivia will be starting Kindergarten. No more toddlers in this house…just girls growing older way too quickly.

I remember how melancholy Mom would get as the new school year approached.  She loved having her kids home for the summer, and while the other neighborhood moms looked forward to packing their kids off to school each year, she really preferred having us at home.  Not that she failed to make us new dresses for school (not for Donnie, of course) and buy us new supplies, she just hated to see us go.

The big question now is:  Has Olivia been assigned to a morning Kindergarten class, where I can take her to school with Lily each day, or to an afternoon class, where I will take Lily in the morning, then Olivia at lunch time, pick Lily up at 2:10, and then Olivia at 3:00.  I’m pulling for morning Kinder, but we’ll see.

On Friday morning I’ll go shopping for backpacks for Pinkham School kids, one of our annual projects at St. Paul’s.  I am the designated shopper for parishioners who aren’t able to (or are on vacation), and it is great fun.  There is such joy in buying 25 boxes of new crayons, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc., and we will have fun “stuffing” them on Sunday after church.  I’ll most likely buy supplies for the girls at the same time.

And then we will be nearly ready for the end of summer.