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I think I have been bitten by the Fitbit.  In a couple of weeks’ time I have gone from being a fairly sedentary (as in “sitting happily for hours at my computer”) person to being one who looks for reasons to take steps!

Yesterday at Daddy’s I got up and took a walk all around our Valley Gardens neighborhood, and then I did it again at dusk.  I enjoyed observing the homes first thing in the morning, as well as watching them get ready for bed.  I encountered no yapping dogs, nor no loose ones, but did meet two pair out walking with their owners.  It has been years since I have walked that neighborhood, but I felt so comfortable and at ease.  It still definitely feels like home.

Today I was up and on the road early, as my rental car was due by 1:30 p.m.  I didn’t walk before leaving Arroyo Grande, but took at break at the rest stop east of Paso Robles and walked the perimeter of the property.  And although I took a walk once things cooled off here in Visalia, I was still short of my 10,000 step goal.  I guess three hours behind the wheel took up too much stepping time!

I am amazed by how much easier it is for me to move, and how effortless walking throughout the neighborhood has become.  And the only one I am competing with is myself.  I love watching the steps rack up, and find it easier and easier to push myself to walk farther.

Will I reach that elusive 10,000 steps tomorrow?  If I walk in the morning and work tomorrow night, I should at least come VERY close.  We shall see!