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When Lily was a tiny baby, we started taking daily walks.  This gave us time outdoors, exercise for the new mommy wanting to reshape her body, and, most importantly, time together.  Our pace varied depending on the quality of sleep received the night before, and most of the time it was fairly brisk.

Once Lily was old enough to voice an opinion, our walks became more investigative than aerobic.  I will never forget the morning she saw a fuzzy black caterpillar crossing the sidewalk in front of us.  I picked him up and placed him on Lily’s arm, so that she could both feel up close and feel how his zillions of little feet felt crawling on her.  I remember how soft he was, and how tickled Lily was to have him.  We did the same thing after Olivia was born, but without the regularity to our walks.

Now my purpose has changed, as I walk for a combination of aerobic exercise (still trying for that elusive 10,000 steps) with pushing myself to walk faster and longer each day.  But I am enjoying the “up close” view with my neighborhood, learning which houses have barking dogs, which have owners gone all day, and by all means enjoying the flowers blooming in the yards.

Today’s walking was confined to work, so I didn’t get very far.  I’ll be back at it in the morning.  Sweet dreams.