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I went out this morning with every intention of taking a zillion-step walk so that I could finally reach that crazy 10,000 step/day goal.  I got off to a great start, even jogging the width of several houses’ yards.  Then I got to Ana’s, and couldn’t go any farther.  You see, I used to live next door to Ana, and we quite often began our day with coffee and tea together.  I miss those morning visits.  So all thoughts of a long walk went by the wayside as I stopped for a chat with my neighbor.

An hour later, when I resumed my walk, I discovered that 82 degrees (on the way to 106) was uncomfortably warm walking weather for someone who hates sweating as much as I do.  So I cut my walk short, went home, and sat in front of the fan for a while.

Tonight after the “Tour on Trafficking” event downtown, I went back out into the cooler evening to try walking again.  As I neared the end of the street I checked the temperature.  Sure enough, it was once again 82 degrees.  Why is it that 82 degrees in the dark feels so much cooler than 82 degrees in the bright sunlight?

There is another family who lives down the street (I won’t call them neighbors, as there is absolutely no relationship here) who have turned their house into a fortress.  With motor homes parked in both the front and back yards, swamp coolers in both of the front bedroom windows, and wall-to-wall “stuff”, they have chosen to decorate their fences with “Smile, you’re on camera” signs and security cameras pointed not only at their property, but onto the sidewalk and street.  Every time I walk past I have to stifle a powerful urge to make an obscene gesture into the camera (while smiling, of course).  I hate that they feel entitled to record anyone passing by, and am now walking all the way across the street to avoid their cameras.

The heat finally got to me once again and I gave up on today’s walking, falling about 800 steps short of my goal.  Perhaps tomorrow.