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“Disciplined creativity” seems like somewhat of an oxymoron.  Yet anyone who needs to deliver a creative product of any sort is called upon to do just that — be creatively disciplined.

Prior to my weekend scrapbooking retreat I knew that I had a series of projects that needed completing by today.  I also knew that I would not have the necessary uninterrupted design/create opportunities here at home.  So I purposefully planned to create my projects this weekend.

Of course, when the time came my creative juices were running pretty low, and I struggled to come up with the proscribed pieces.  With the encouragement and input from friends and family, though, four projects made it from conception through fine-tuning and finishing, in time for mailing tomorrow.  (I will share pictures later this week.)

I am relieved that they are done, and pleased with the final products.  It will feel good to clear off the kitchen table again, too, and get all my Close To My Heart goodies reorganized and rearranged.

More projects await!