In the weeks since I started using my Fitbit, I have so enjoyed paying better attention to my body and shedding the “overlay” that I had added during the last dozen years or so of my marriage.  I have felt my old — but more experienced — self re-emerging and re-energizing, and it has been wonderful.  But in these past two days since I hurt my back I have realized just how much I have always taken my good health for granted.

Yesterday morning, during what should have been a very routine garden box clear-out, I impatiently bent over from the waist and tugged on a clump of crab grass.  It didn’t budge, but I felt an instant twinge in my lower right back.  Of course, as the day wore on, it got more and more sore, even after spending a quiet time on the heating pad.  I was able to switch to a shorter shift at work last night, and assumed I would be all better this morning.

On the contrary, I woke up sore and stiff, and only my stubbornness got us to church.  Standing was okay, walking not too bad, and sitting only mildly uncomfortable.  But oh, those transitions between were miserable!  I finally called into work and told my manager I would be dangerous to myself and others, and stayed home.

I am not a patient patient!  There is no joy in having to take it easy…rather than relax, I spent the day chafing at being forced to slow down.  I finally went for a walk, at a snail’s pace, before finally settling down to HGTV.  And now it is nearly time for bed and I am not the least bit tired, only aching and creaky — and feeling sorry for myself.

I hope some healing miracle occurs during the night, and I awake much less stiff and sore.  If not, I will do my best to avoid a total pity party.  Because I do realize how extremely lucky I am to have such a low-maintenance body that gives me freedom of movement and independence.

Sweet dreams.  Don’t take the good things in your life for granted.