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It rained today.  Not a deluge, not even a downpour, but a light, steady rain on our side of town for about an hour and a half.  It was enough to make the sidewalks wet and slightly dampen the dirt that used to be our front lawn.  It was enough to clear much of the guck out of our air, and to drastically lower our daytime high temperature.  When Olivia and I walked from the car and back picking Lily up from school today, we actually got wet (it was lovely)!

All day I heard reports of rain up and down California.  And while the rain wasn’t enough to make a dent in any of the fires raging throughout our state, it was enough to begin to lower forest temperatures, increase humidity, and bring hope to those fighting the fires and those fleeing from them.

Even better, tomorrow’s forecast includes rain across the majority of the day, and a high temperature of 79 degrees.  That’s a far cry from last week’s 106, and will certainly make firefighting much easier.

And while my heart aches for those whose homes were in the path of the flames, I am so grateful that this break in the weather can perhaps slow the progress of the fires.

I will continue to pray for gentle rains and still air, with no lightning.  God is good.