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Today my precious sister arrived at Mom and Daddy’s for a week.  I can’t be there the entire time, but I can — and will — drive over right after taking the girls to school tomorrow.  It is ridiculous to think that it has been over a year since our last visit together, but we have had scheduling conflicts the last several times.

Our agenda will be something like this:  Hang out at the house and visit with Daddy and Donnie, go to Shell Beach and sit on Mom’s favorite bench by the edge of the cliff, eat at Denney’s at least once, hang out at the house some more.  Perhaps even sleep a little.  And Melody has promised she will help me go through some of Mom’s more mundane, less exciting, collection/stuff, to see what we can donate to the local thrift stores.

There might even be some Tuesday casino time in there somewhere…not because she loves to gamble, but because Daddy does and we might be invited for the day.

On Wednesday I will come back to Visalia, refreshed from our visit and ready to see my girls again.  And in less than a month, we will be together to watch our childhood friend be the mother-of-the-bride.  Such fun!