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The theme for October’s NaBloPoMo is “Dish”, which should be perfect for those of us who love to photograph our fancy (or not so fancy) meals.  Today’s prompt asks us to tell about our family’s favorite dish.  I’m not sure I would call candy a “dish”, but when I am asked to make something for a potluck, group dinner, or gift, it is most often my Fantasy Fudge.

The Fantasy Fudge started as my mother-in-law’s recipe, carefully copied from the back of a marshmallow package.  I originally made it “the hard way”, melting marshmallows with butter and chocolate chips, stirring and stirring and stirring.  It was mouth-wateringly delicious, but a royal pain to make (all that stirring and stirring and stirring)!  One day I realized that the fudge recipe on the back of a jar of marshmallow cream used the same ingredients in different forms, and was cooked effortlessly in the microwave oven…but it was the exact same Fantasy Fudge!  From that day on I used the short-hand version, and life was grand.

Last summer our microwave died, so there was no more fudge until I bought a new one, just before Thanksgiving.  I made fudge like a madwoman to give as gifts (including the box I always send to my sweet brother-in-law in Ohio).  Then that new microwave bit the dust, as well, just after I threw away both the box and the receipt.  We still haven’t replaced it, and have been amazed at how well we have functioned without it.

But the holidays are rapidly approaching, and soon it will be decision time:  Do we buy a(nother) new microwave so that I can continue my fudge making, or do I bite the bullet and go back to “the old-fashioned way” of stirring and stirring and stirring?

Only time will tell.