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According to our friends at Google, procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing something.”  So often a bad case of procrastination-itis hits just as I sit down in front of my computer to blog.  And I am fairly certain it is generally not about the blogging, per se, but it is about the act of committing myself to the writing process.

Take tonight, for example.  I got home from work in plenty of time to write a cogent blog post.  Instead of sitting right down and getting started, I procrastinated.  I said prayers with the girls, ate (ice cream, of course), made a new cup of tea, fed and watered the dog, played a computer game or two (or twelve), and dozed off once or twice.
My brain was mostly empty…no blog posts lurking even close to the surface.  And, unfortunately, that is how things still stand.  Tonight’s blog post has been totally lost, thanks to procrastination.

I’ll do better tomorrow.  Sweet dreams.