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Today was to be one of those truly rare days in my life — a Friday that was not a scheduled work day, and with absolutely nothing on my calendar.  I had loose plans to run a few errands and then go antique-shop hunting for Bone China teacups and saucers for next week’s program  on Tea Etiquette.  And somewhere in there I would be taking the girls to and picking them up from school.

Everything changed when I put my key into the ignition, heard one small “beep”, and everything in my Subaru went dead.  We quickly regrouped and Georgia drove everyone to school, then she and I returned for a quiet morning at home.  It was so nice to be able to sit and visit about any and everything under the sun, without time constraints.

After Nick got home from work, he and Georgia quickly jumped my car and it fired right up.  I still had no good reason to venture out, and pretty much forgot about doing anything else.  When my husband-who-lives-across-town called to see whether I had gotten a new battery, I realized I hadn’t even tried to start it again.  When I did, once more a quiet “beep” and then nothing.

So here’s my salute to today’s heroes, as Georgia and Nick went out after the pumpkins were carved and picked up a new battery for my car, then came home and installed it for me…even though his work day comes VERY early in the morning and it was already rather late.  I am so blessed to share my life with them and grateful that they truly “have my back”.

Tomorrow I will be back in the fray of activities, from dance class in the morning with Olivia to closing Olive Garden tomorrow night, and Halloween fun throughout the day.  And my Subaru will be equal to the tasks.

Sweet dreams.