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I’m tired!  I didn’t realize until my kids got back from their trip how truly tired I was…and I had forgotten that, when you are responsible for the safety of small ones, you really don’t completely sleep.  But now they are back, the weekend is over, and we are settling into our weekly routine.

I just went through my closet and pulled out the remaining clothes that have become too large (hooray!) for me, and the nicest ones are slated for a consignment store in town.  The rest will go to Rescued Treasures.  I once again have “breathing room” in my closet.

Yesterday’s lovely rainstorm has passed, and the weathermen say we received up to a third of an inch in some areas.  That seems rather puny compared to other areas of the country, where several inches of rain may fall in a single storm, but for central California it is huge.  Thank God for blessed rain!

My writing for NaNoWriMo is pathetically behind, but I am getting back on track today.  No more excuses, no more falling asleep at my computer the moment I sit down.  I’m making progress again.

Whatever projects you have on tap, I wish you progress (or a re-start) today.  Happy Monday!