I was gratified today by a notification that a new reader had discovered Trigger’s Horse and commented on two of my postings, even though it has been over two weeks since my last column.

What I have discovered during the month of December is that I truly am a creature of habit.  As long as I was religiously blogging nearly every day, Trigger’s Horse thrived.  Once I broke my daily habit to take part in National Novel Writing Month (in November), it became easier and easier to NOT sit down and write in the evening.  And no, I didn’t write the Great American Novel in November.  I did, however, get started, and managed to write rough drafts of some difficult-to-tell stories.

And now that I have started, I will go back and edit, re-write, and continue writing until the whole story is told.  So NaNoWriMo 2015 was not wasted.  I will try again next year.

And meanwhile, I’ll be back to continue with my random musings tomorrow.  Thank you for visiting, and please come back again.