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For weeks now I have been laboring (or not) under an enormous case of writer’s block.  It started with NaNoWriMo back in November, when my version of the Great American Novel started slowly and petered out quickly.  It got worse in January, with only sporadic blog posts.  And while I have missed my nightly visits through Trigger’s Horse, my body and brain seem to come up with any number of reasons why I shouldn’t be writing.

So today I am shifting from “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” mode to “Back in the saddle again” mode.  I refuse to listen to my brain’s cheap excuses any longer, and I am back.  Thank you to those who have looked in vain for my posts; thank you, also, to my friends who have told me they look forward to reading Trigger’s Horse on a regular basis. I have missed all of this.

Have a glorious Monday wherever you are.