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Yesterday morning I visited my neighbor’s scale for the first time in a couple of months, and was bummed when it seemed to tell me I had gained nearly a pound, even though I felt considerably lighter.  Quickly my inner Pollyanna kicked in, however, and I reassured myself that “I’m gaining muscle with Yoga” and “I’m stronger and healthier than ever”.   My initial disappointment was short-lived.

Last night as I logged in my weight on my Fitbit chart, I realized that, far from gaining a pound, I had lost five since my last weigh-in.  Joy abounding!  I am only three pounds short of my goal (the one I set once I realized walking and working was making me lose weight with very little effort) of being back to my pre-baby-Georgia weight from over 30 years ago!

I cannot describe how good it feels to be comfortable in my body again, happy with who I am, and excited about where I’m going.  Sure, when I look in the mirror there are wrinkles I didn’t have a few years ago, but the stressed look is out of my eyes and I’m standing tall and relaxed.

Some of us in our Close To My Heart group are reading and studying Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles.  I have always been a bit leery about the practice of positive affirmations, feeling them to be very forced and stilted. With more study, though, I have begun to realize that they are pretty close to the things I have always said to myself as I chose to look at the world through my rose-colored glasses.  That positive outlook is part of our legacy from Mom and Grammy Buffington, who always chose to see the world as a sunny, friendly place.

May I continue to model that outlook to Lily and Olivia.