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A couple of weeks I was thinking about my eating habits, and realized that on any given day I was averaging between eight and nine cups of hot tea.  When I was at home my cup was right beside me, and whenever I left the house I took my trusty thermal cup filled to the brim.  With the average cup of black tea having about 40 mg of caffeine, that’s 320 -360 mg of caffeine daily just from tea.  We won’t even factor in my love of chocolate!

With tea constantly beside me, I was compounding things by drinking no water at all.  My poor kidneys!

So I did what I do best.  I stopped cold-turkey.  No tea at all for two days, just water.  The weather cooperated by being VERY hot, so having a big cup of water with ice was nice and refreshing.  But it wasn’t satisfying.  I didn’t wake up looking forward to my first glass of water of the day, and I definitely didn’t relax with the last cup before bed. I told myself I was making good choices for my (aging) body, but I’m not sure I was convinced.

The first difference I noticed, besides being pretty shaky without caffeine, was that my appetite was completely gone.  Double-stuff Oreos and water do not comfort the way Oreos and a cup of tea do.  When I was feeling a bit “off” at work in the evening, I realized I had not eaten at all that day, and still really didn’t feel like it.  But the next morning I forced myself to have breakfast so I didn’t fall on my face.

Two weeks in I have transitioned to two cups of tea a day — one in the morning and one at night.  I still miss the comfort and the caffeine, but I do think I am making a better choice for my body.  And I don’t find myself snacking as much as I did before, as I still am struggling with not having an appetite.

Wish me luck.