U is for “understand”


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According to Google.com, “understand” is a verb that means, “perceive the intended meaning of (words, a language, or speaker)” or “infer something from information received”.

Last night I needed to understand what my body and brain were saying to me, which was this: “We are too tired, too scattered, perhaps even too lazy to blog tonight. Not even for the A-Z Challenge!” So for any of you who might have looked for a posting last night and been disappointed or inconvenienced, please accept my apologies. I am making an effort to pay better attention to myself, and sometimes that means setting aside certain things. Thank you for coming back anyway!

Five hundred posts


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According to the elves at WordPress.com, this is post number 500 for me here at Trigger’s Horse. The whole idea that I have written 500 snippets of my thoroughly-lived life and shared them with you here is mind-boggling to me. Since anniversaries of any sort call for a bit of introspection, I have been thinking about what I might have learned along the way. So here goes:

1. The blogosphere is filled with too many good people to attempt to count or categorize. Some, like AnnMarie over at anntogether.com and Deb from C-Dog & Co, have become such good “imaginary friends” that when a day goes by without a comment or post from them, I miss them. Some, like Sarah Bessey at Sarah Bessey.com inspire me by their out-of-the-box thinking and wide independent streaks. There are young ones, like Adi at The Happy Lifeaholic who are from the youthful end of the spectrum, while others (like me) are a bit grey around the edges. And each one of them make my life richer.

2. Blogging every day is possible. On nights when my heart is overflowing with sorrow or joy, I can write. The comments from my readers offer messages of healing, compassion, and hope — plus a healthy amount of “been there, done that”. If ideas are eluding me, I can share a Lily or Olivia story. Even better, I can share a small bit of inspiration from Mom’s journals.

3. I don’t have to be brilliant to blog. Often it is the simplest stories that resonate the deepest with my readers.

4. Blogging is satisfying. Seeing my words in print still pleases me as much with the five hundredth post as it did with the first.

5. You, my readers, bring me joy, and I am grateful.

Exploring reddit


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Several times a day my sweet son-in-law shares with me something he has discovered on Reddit.com. For whatever topic you are interested in at any particular time, there is a corresponding subject, known as a “subreddit” full of comments or longer commentary. I spent quite a while wandering around reddit this evening, even going so far as to add to two scrapbooking-related conversations.

From what I understand, for each post you have the opportunity to vote for the quality of the post (known as “up-voting”) and you are awarded points for both commenting on others’ subreddits and posting your own. Posts that are voted for most often rise to the top of the page, rather like cream. Again, I’m not comfortable with the details, but am learning my way around. (I know I have over-simplified this, but I don’t know enough to complicate it.)

I’m kind of afraid to become too attached to reddit.com. Between two blogs, two email addresses, and games and conversations on Facebook, time is getting tighter and tighter. But it is a fun challenge, and is helping broaden my horizons. Would you care to join me?



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One of the downsides to blogging late at night after the house is quiet: Falling asleep at the computer. I have been known to do this more than once (even more often while playing games in the middle of the night), but to my knowledge last night is the only time I have hit “Publish” before completely waking up and proofreading what I had written. Thank goodness posts can be edited after publishing, because last night’s post made no sense at all!

Today, telling Georgia what had happened and thinking about the silliness of it all, I got the giggles and could hardly stop. I love that blogging is so much fun for me that I can even enjoy my mistakes.

I hope you will tell your own stories without fear of mistakes…and always keep the giggles handy!

Polls and surveys


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I am such a sucker for polls and surveys. I really do think that most manufacturers pay attention to feedback from consumers, and that it is generally worth my while to provide it. I quite often write reviews of books I have purchased from Amazon.com, and have done my share with TripAdvisor and other travel sites, as well.

So that’s what happened to tonight’s writing time. After a crazy evening trying to put two very uncooperative little girls to bed (Mom and Dad are out of town, and sometimes they think Grammy is a pushover), I sat down to write, only to be greeted by a marketing survey. Not just a survey, but one that was willing to pay me for my time. So I took it. And ran out of time to blog.

What about you? Are you an opinionated survey junkie like me, or do you just hit the “delete” button and continue on your merry way? I’m curious to hear how you feel.

I have missed you


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I had a wonderful time away, but ah, my friends, I missed you all while I was gone. I am very accustomed to spending hours on my big, space-grabbing PC, and while I greatly appreciated borrowing a laptop for my trip, I caused my hotel roomies many giggles while I swore at said laptop and its built-in mouse.

This morning I woke up early (in the comfort of my own bed) and settled down at my computer while the rest of the family slept. I spent a couple of hours visiting and catching up on favorite bloggers — commenting, liking, and cruising from one friend to the next. (And yes, I played a game or two, or perhaps three…)

I’m still a bit behind on my “other” blog, Photo Fun With Fawn, as eventually I did have Grammy chores to do, and little girls to take to their first swimming lesson. But I’ll get there, possibly even later tonight. Thank you for your patience when it took me longer than usual to reply to comments. There is no upcoming travel in my near future, so I should be back on schedule again.

It is still 90 degrees out, at nearly 11:30 p.m. The next few days are supposed to be in the 108-110 range, so I will be staying indoors as much as possible, and running my errands early in the morning. So I see lots of computer time in my future.

Sweet dreams, my friends.

Five Minute Friday


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My friend at “Hope Fully Known” was writing about Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday challenge today, and it intrigued me. The idea is to spend five minutes writing, rather than making excuses, and today’s prompt is “release”.

When I started Trigger’s Horse a couple of years ago, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I knew that every once in awhile I would read someone else’s blog post and think, “I wonder if I could do that?” or “I could do that!” or eventually, “I want to do that!” And that’s how I got started with Trigger’s Horse. When I started blogging I let go of any preconceived ideas about what I wanted in a blog, or what my goals might be…I simply decided to sit down and start writing. And that is pretty much what I do every day. Somewhere in the day (usually at the very end, because that’s when life is the most quiet), I simply sit down and write.

Sometimes what I have to say resonates with my readers, sometimes I hear crickets after a post. But quite often the posts that really come from my toes (firmly connected to my heart) are the ones that engender the most comments. My readers appreciate honesty and openness, which seems to be what I do best.

The alarm just rang…my five minutes are up, and so is this post. Now to link it back to Lisa’s Five Minute Friday challenge, so that you can take a look at what other bloggers are doing.

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