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First of all, I must say “thank you” to my sweet friends who checked on me after yesterday’s post. I must admit I was still quite angry when I hit that “publish” button, so my words weren’t very well-tempered.

I’m back, comfortable in my own skin again, after a morning watching the girls play basketball and the afternoon spent in a room filled with inspired scrapbookers. Looking at album pages with a creator’s eye, rather than that of a historian, is a stretch for me. But my new adventure with Close To My Heart is stretching me in many creative directions, and I am well pleased.

Exercising our creative muscles, no matter what the venue, is good for both the soul and the brain. Feeling and thinking creatively pull us out of whatever ruts we may have fallen into and back up into the fresh air. It is difficult to be creative and foggy-brained at the same time.

Taking time with you, Gentle Reader, and Trigger’s Horse, helps me renew and replenish those creative juices every day. For that…and for my encouraging audience…I am grateful.

What will you create today?