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Today I had the pleasure of working with Georgia. Not side-by-side all day, but off and on, rather like dancing. When she works as a server, she has her sphere, and I have mine, but every once in a while they intersect. I hear her voice talking to a co-worker, or see her caring for a guest, and my heart sings. And sometimes she asks for assistance, and it is fun helping her provide excellent service.

This is my baby girl, all grown up. That tiny, inquisitive, rebellious little radical firebrand has matured into a competent, confident, highly polished woman. I marvel at her people skills, the many ways she causes them to want to follow her lead. And I love that she calls me “Mom” at work. Not in a wheedling, childish way, but simply because to her that is my name. Occasionally a guest will react with surprise, but generally I think they get a kick out of it.

Tomorrow our shifts coincide again, but tomorrow she will be my “boss” rather than a server. In many ways that is even more fun. I happily take credit for teaching her many of her “people handling skills”; then I stand back and enjoy watching her use them in ways beyond my talents.

What a wonderful way to begin the week!