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Google.com defines “zest” as a verb that means “to scrape off the outer colored part of the peel (a piece of citrus fruit) for use as flavoring.

I was quite pleased with myself for deciding on “zest” as the last word in my A-Z Challenge postings. Until now, that is, when I am tired, hungry, and just about done in! But “zest” or its adjective counterpart “zesty” means taking the best, tastiest part of the fruit (or the person) and adding subtle flavoring to the dish (or human) at hand.

So that’s what we have here at the last night of this year’s A to Z Challenge…efforts to peel the tastiest part of the fruit, and then throw the bitter, tough, white layer away. I would be willing to guess that there is a person in the lives of every one of us who meets that description, and is just waiting for you to celebrate the tasty part of the fruit that is their life.

Who will you be zesting tomorrow?