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When I was a kid, we looked forward to May Day, when we could make a small bouquet and put it into a basket (usually woven of paper or gathered from doilies) to hang on a neighbor’s front door knob. The idea was to give an anonymous gift of flowers and love, but do it without getting caught.

The best part, of course, was running away before anyone would answer the door, and watching the reaction from somewhere close by.

I didn’t have anything blooming this morning, but my BFF Vickie shared a beautiful bouquet on Facebook explaining that I had taught her long ago about giving flowers to those you love on May Day. So even though the calendar on my computer says it is already May 2, I’m still going to share flowers with all of you.

This “Luxury Lace” iris used to grow in Mom’s garden, but Daddy asked me to bring it to Visalia. Happy May Day!