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It seems like I need a follow-up to my earlier posts this week about my husband-who-lives-across-town’s impending surgery. This scenario only has good news. The good news is: he sailed through the surgery beautifully, in spite of his earlier trepidation. The good news is: This new “improved” pacemaker should be good for another nine years or so. The good news is: His heart is performing just as it should (with the pacemaker’s help, of course). The good news is: He should be around to be in our granddaughters’ lives for a long time.

We only had positive interactions with the hospital staff today, from the intake clerk at the front desk to the volunteers who staffed the information desk by the cardiac waiting room, to the many nurses, technicians, and the cardiologist who cared for him. The hardest part was having to park on the roof of the parking garage, which meant driving down five stories back to the ground floor (I hate parking garages). All in all, a very successful day.

Here’s to a speedy, uncomplicated recovery.